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Tape Identification


VHS tapes are the most commonly used for home VCRs. Due to their large size, these were quickly replaced by more compact VHS-C and Video8 for Camcorder use.  Professional S-VHS Cameras recorded directly to S-VHS Tapes, which are the same size as VHS tapes, but store higher quality video.


VHS-C is the miniature equivalent to VHS.  These are much more commonly used in Camcorders.  There is also S-VHS-C, which stores higher quality video in the same size tape.


MiniDV Tapes are very commonly used in Video Cameras Today, however they are being replaced by Flash Memory and Hard Drive based media.  They can contain High Definition or Standard Definition Video.


This is an 8mm casette.  These work in Video8, Movie8 and Digital8 cameras.  Solid Gold Memories converts all types.

Betamax/Super Betamax

This is a Betamax Tape.  These tapes are significantly smaller than VHS tapes, and are rapidly deteriorating.  I would put top priority on transferring these as quickly as possible.


Betacam Tapes are found in S and L sizes.  These are almost exclusively Professionally Used due to the cost of equipment.  Betacam was the most popular format used by Television Stations, and it's Digital Variant is only now beginning to be phased out for newer digital media.


U-Matic Tapes were introduced in 1971 and were used by Television Stations for recording and Archiving.  These remained in wide use until the Early 1980s when it was replaced with Betacam Format.